Metal Gear Solid Movie – ANNOUNCED!

Metal Gear Solid 1 - Solid Snake

After years and years of rumors and speculation, Columbia has announced that it’s going to take a crack at the hit video-game franchise, Metal Gear Solid.

Avi Arad, producer of an impressive array of super hero movies, looks like he’s taking on the video-game world, as he has already been tied to movie productions of other games such as inFAMOUS, Pac-Man and Uncharted.

We’ve started this website to begin following the trail of the Metal Gear movie… to announce the news and denounce the rumors as we hear them. We hope you enjoy this site!

Are you a fan of the Metal Gear series? What are your thoughts on a movie adaptation?

3 thoughts on “Metal Gear Solid Movie – ANNOUNCED!

  1. Can’t wait for the movie! Only wish David hayter played as snake, seeing a cartoon and hearing a voice the voice is real that’s what I want to hear!

  2. I know! Seeing David as Snake would be fantastic. I think he would fit the bill fairly well, actually…

  3. Hideo,

    Please, with wugar on top let David Hayter paly as Solid Snake in the MGS movie. Its just not the same with out Hayter’s voice. Actually it would be great to use the actual cast in the game to act out their parts on the movie, authenic voices.